sobota, 24 września 2011


zwariowalam na punkcie KOWTOW (a stalo sie to za sprawa EKOCENTRYCZNEJ LUIZY <3)!! ten nowozelandzki brand laczy wszystko co najwazniejsze w tworzeniu najlepszych t-shirtow: dobry design, najwyzsza jakosc, etyczna i ekologiczna produkcje.

oto ich filozofia:

"For a long time, many of our consumer habits have appeared to have no consequence. It is now quite apparent that there is an imbalance in standards of living throughout the world which is fueled by the Wests continuing short changing and exploitation of labour markets in the so called third world.

We don't believe anyone who is truly aware of what is going on in the world would want to turn their heads and support a slave trade economy.

Being into clothes we decided to do something about it. Certified fairtrade organic clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment.
Thank you for believing in what we do."

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