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Some t-shirts can spark a conversation. Others can inspire change. T-post aspire to do both.
By wearing T-post, your t-shirt not only says something about who you are, it also says something about the world we live in. T-post becomes more than fashion, when it serves as a rebellious tool to initiate thoughtfulness, conversations and action.
It's a communication experiment that typically begins with, "Nice t-shirt" and continues with the wearer explaining the interesting news story behind the design.

T-post began in 2004 with the desire to engage people in important and interesting topics. To accomplice that we combined stories with the best pop culture medium ever invented, the graphic t-shirt, making our subscribers our walking and talking billboards.
We started out by giving 5 t-shirts to our friends. From there, the word began to spread and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, T-post is distributed to over 50 countries and has been called "Reinventing the magazine" and "Awesome" by The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine.


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how to wear your tee well: LINA TESCH

This is Lina: settled in germany photographer + beautiful girl + she totally knows how to match her tees with stuff = the creative creature!

so check out her LOOKBOOK and BLOG !!!